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Workshop: “How Ethical is Islamic Finance?”

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The Islamic Finance Council UK (UKIFC) and the International Shari'ah Research Academy for Islamic Finance (ISRA) is providing a unique workshop to shine a light on key issues and challenges facing the Islamic finance sector.

Today's workshop will explore the relationship between Islamic and ethical finance; a topic very relevant to both of our organisations. The UKIFC is a global leader in advancing the debate around the role Islamic finance plays within the ethical finance thematic. For over eight years the UKIFC has designed and built out award-winning innovative initiatives across mainstream ethical finance. Through our unique international partnership ISRA and the UKIFC have, over the last six years, collaborated on a number of thought leadership reports, executive education courses and industry events intended to drive the sector forward.

Our CEO, Justin Sykes will be present at this event to speak about the role fintech platforms can play to address poverty in Muslim populations.

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